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Tired of getting ripped off, deceived, given ‘the run-around’ and/or dealing with people who refuse to be accountable (but should be)…   in new social landscape of change, uncertainty, and widespread accountability failure or refusal? With governments everywhere increasingly suffering from policy as well as financial paralysis (and existing protections failing), every person needs to be more ready to stand up for themselves and also their family, friends and local communities – and also learn ways of doing so. [The good news is that it is not as difficult as you think and what many crooks as well as bureaucrats fear most is someone who is ready to call them to account and to do so with persistence and ‘without fear or favour’]
Aussie Watchdogs is a not-for-profit agency offering an educational resource to assist and, on occasion, further consultative assistance and/or ‘life coaching’ with cases of interest. The Blog and related archive on this website will combine both (a) advice on useful ways of challenging or resisting (around the art of asking good questions), and (b) discussion and highlighting of the increasing numbers of relevant cases of public and/or private accountability failure (e.g. corporate scams, policy rorts, and various non-sustainable situations or issues of wider ‘glocal’ community interest). There is a long list of sectors and industries (education, aged care, energy, supermarket chains, insurance companies, and so on) as well as particular individuals and organisations who clearly need some ‘light’ or wider awareness to be shone in their direction to expose unfair and non-sustainable or even corrupt practices.