the problem

a rort – a (possible) fraudulent or dishonest act or practice. 

the runaround – deceitful or evasive treatment.

As governments around the world are increasingly afflicted by an emerging condition of ‘global policy paralysis’ in the face of seemingly impossible policy challenges, practical problems and social or cultural as well as natural environmental degradation, they are also increasingly at the mercy of multi/trans-national corporations as well as new forms of local ‘interests’ and/or disinformation. The result is often (a) ill-informed, sometimes incompetent and even at times ‘crooked’ deals and plans, and (b) the ruination of perfectly viable industries and communities – as well as individual lives, families and local networks.

It is therefore more important than ever that public-private (especially government-corporate) deals and arrangements are made in the public or social interest globally as well as locally. As a not-for-profit research, consultancy and ‘life coaching’ centre, Aussie Watchdogs is ready to assist with this.