The accountability challenge to global e-commerce

E-commerce is changing the way that businesses engage their customers. However, the established ethical and corporate responsibility protocols – and also the associated policy and legislative frameworks which support this change – are increasingly under threat by how some corporations and businesses are setting up in and operating from developing countries where implementation is often lax. A limitation of the WTO framework on global e-commerce policy is that it tends to focus on OECD countries and also perhaps underestimates the extent to which the internet is changing the international trade in goods and services.  This chapter will explore the need for the WTO framework to better recognize and address the associated accountability issues of a developed—developing country divide when it comes to the growth and changing nature of e-commerce. It will also do so in terms of how the internet communications revolution represents a force of change challenging any residual assumptions that e-commerce is merely an extension of traditional notions of commerce. Full paper here