– How Uber fools and intimidates

Richards, C. (June, 2016). How Uber (like similar corporations) fools or intimidates just about everyone, Informal dissemination. FULL PAPER

The Uber company usually makes the ‘legal’ claim in relation to its UberX and Uberpop services that it is just an organizer of independent drivers (e.g. Battersby, 23/4/2016; Kaine & Josserand, 17/5/2016). However, in practice it generally acts in various ways as a self-regulating multi-national corporation with arbitrary, often aggressive, and even apparently predatory tendencies. This is also in relation to its own employees as well in dealings with national governments and local industries. [This paper was written in June 2016. In March 2017 The New York Times lead the way in confirming our earlier projection about this with an article titled “How Uber deceives the authorities worldwide” ( Isaac, 3/3/2017) – referring to new reports of Uber’s obviously unethical and largely illegal implementation of its socalled Greyball strategy to target both enemies and possible supporters with deceptions(including politicians in Australia). This article dovetailed with a series of exposures about how the sexist, predatory and ruthlessly ‘toxic’ (so-called ‘ass-hole’) work culture, management practices, and speculative investment strategies of Silicon Valley had continued to also dominate Uber (Lacey & Illing, 28/2/2017). As well as the well-known case involving CEO Kalanick in exposing the sexual harassment cover-ups within Uber (Lawlor 25/3/2017), Kalanick was also the focus of the global reporting of a video-tape where he abused an Uber driver over falling fares (Newcomer, 28/2/2017)]