How ‘the hunted’ becomes the hunter

To be an effective hunter, one must be prepared to risk everything. A half-hearted response often means death or some kind of paralysis. This is a fight for the freedom to grow with choice and to develop optimally. People with innocence or good intentions inadvertently so often become the hunted in modern society especially. In these situations, the hunted needs to learn to turn the tables to become the hunter. The ultimate test of this potential transition or fundamental life ‘initiation’ is the need to be ready to face the ostensible certainty of death without being paralyzed by the thought of possible encounter outcomes. In terms of reflective consciousness, this is a challenge which challenges the limits of one’s sanity as also the fine lines of personal potency. Deep down inside, everyone houses the instinct of the natural hunter (and not predator) which humans are able to existentially reconcile with the self-control of passionate reason as a principled activity Full paper