– Addressing the 2017 Qld ‘taxi’ reform bill

Richards, C. (April, 2017). Framing any and all proposed Personalised Transport Reform Bill amendments with a more integrated foundation to ensure a sustainable future Qld industry, Submission to the Queensland Parliament Public Works and Utilities Committee .  FULL PAPER HERE 

Here we provide some general feedback on the Personalised Transport Reform Amendment Bill 2017 and also some of the proposed amendments as part of the related Stage 2 Queensland taxi-cum personalised transport industry reforms. Before focusing on some particular elements, items and/or issues related to the proposed amendments, we need to provide some overall feedback and analysis of the framework being adopted. Therefore our submission will proceed in relation to (a)  general feedback about the overall framework and key listed Stage 2 assumptions, (b) particular suggestions in relation to both key proposals and related industry issues, and (c) an example of the kind of overall framework needed to provide a sustainable foundation for the positive and at least well-meaning elements of the Bill.