hire car ‘fake repairs’ scams endemic to industry

Some years ago I returned a hire car in the same condition I hired it, only to be hit for a charge for some apparently invisible chip on the paintwork. Since then (and reinforced by other stories I have heard) I have not trusted hire car companies and have avoided hiring where possible. The report below seems to have confirmed my long-held suspicions – it involves an astounding insider claim that hire car firms make more money from ‘fake repairs’ claims than from actual rentals.

This also seems to confirm a related major rort – inflated insurance costs and fear-mongering to get customers to take out expensive insurance that they would not have generally needed if so many hire car companies were not (apparently) engaging in the systematic fraud and corruption indicated in this report. The fake claims have surely also had the effect of encouraging countless customers to take out expensive insurances costs which typically include an excess which would often or even usually not cover either real or fake claims. So the overall scam of hire car companies is even much worse than suggested here.

What further proof is needed that companies and corporations small and large just no longer have any qualms about ripping people off – and that this is the ‘new normal’ in the new global society?

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