‘Privatisation’ rorts focused on the military, weapons, and wars: Now also in the US under Trump

At the beginning of the 21st Century many of the worst large-scale rorting practices are linked to the related push for the privatisation, marketisation and commodification of the public good/interest/commons – in education, roads, utilities such as water and electricity as well as remaining wilderness and other public spaces around the world. Private contractors for the US military in Iraq and Afganistan in recent years took over many supporting roles including mercenary ‘security guards (1) – especially oil services in Iraq (remember Halliburton’s profiteering links to Dick Cheney (2) ?). As The Atlantic pointed out last year, the emerging reliance on privateers is ‘mutating into a strategic vulnerability’ ? (3) .

But now in similar fashion to many ‘third world dictatorships’ Trump is seeking to progress a proposal that privately contracted fighters and armies actually take over from the military forces directly and completely in off-shore conflict zones. Perhaps this is just a culmination of his and America’s currently evaporating global reputations as epitomized by the ‘awkwardness of the recent G20 summit ? (4)  (5).

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