Is Donald J. Trump the new Kim Jong-Il of American golf?

The AW ‘Rort of the Week’ goes to the US government spokesman who was perhaps trying to divert attention from the White House’s ‘Russia problem’ (1). The White House has claimed that Donald Trump ‘regularly sinks 30 foot putts’ at whim when out on the golf course – amplifying Scaramucci’s original claim about this TEN-FOLD (2). It at least suggests that this once authoritative institution may have been corrupted by what many see as Trump’s tendency to ‘wildly exaggerate’ the truth to suit whatever agenda is at hand. It is almost as bad as the comparison made (in some related reports) to how Kim Jong-Il ws reported by his local media to have achieved FIVE (yes not 1 but 5) ‘hole-in-ones’ in just one eighteen hole round of the North Korea Open some years ago (2a). Also, apparently it was actually Kim’s first round of golf ever which just made the story sound a little exaggerated [Like many other hackers I am still waiting on my first after thirty years of trying!] This all follows fast on the heals of the viral video evidence that Trump drives his golf buggy over putting as well as fairway greens ‘whenever he damn well feels like it’ (3) . When done intentionally such an incident, which Sports Illustrated quickly branded the “most Trump thing ever”, is regarded as one of the inexcusable crimes that a golfer can commit. That or trying to screw up a golf course in Scotland (the home of golf) just to piss the locals off (3a).

Scaramucci is Donald Trump’s ‘mini-me wannabe’ new appointment as White House Communications Head and is quickly upping the ante on Sean Spicer’ unintentionally hilarious efforts to try and make sense of the latest Trumpisms (4 and 5). He got things started with such gems as when asked about Trump’s dubious claim that 3 million people voted illegally, replied: “If the President says it…there’s probably some level of truth to it.” (4) And then really pissed off because his wife had just decided to divorce him (reportedly because she disapproved of his Trump links) (9) – although he did justify this because of a WH ‘leaks’ problem (6) – he got ready to knife White House Chief of Staff Priebus. He made a comment in this interview labeling Priebus a ‘f-king schizophrenic paranoic’ (and that was one of his less offensive and obscene comments). (7) AS the Huffington Post reported it “Anthony Scaramucci Goes On Crass, Unhinged Rant Against Top White House Aides” (8) . Indeed Priebus was gone within days.

What more evidence is needed that the White House under Trump has ‘lost it’? (and golf was again the reliable indicator that ‘got the ball rolling’ if you can forgive the pun). Just as Kim’s fabled golf round was perhaps the last straw for North Korean credibility, so too perhaps Trumps gold-related antics?
[Come to think of it, Scaramucci really minded me of those maniacal and hysterical North Korean spokesmen/women who are shown bleating on about the words of the latest ‘great leader’]

Breaking news: Trump fires Scaramucci after just ten days (the crisis deepens – who would have predicted!]

Postscript: After making this post we stumbled across this great related link. Amongst other things it (a) points out how Trump reportedly makes at least one mulligan (second shot after duffing the first) just about every round – even apparently in club fixtures (which he owns), and (b) testimony about this and other bad habits, exaggerations and unsporting play are provided by top golfers as well as others (e.g. Ernie Els spills the beans on his exaggerated handicap).


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