Big Pharma can cost you your health as well as your fortune?

Also, how pharmaceutical companies often seek to corrupt the academic as well as medical professions as a means of deceiving the public

As designed by Big Pharma, a large part of modern society has generally become passively dependent on drugs to maintain health (putting aside those cases where clearly needed and beneficial) [e.g.…/05/big-pharma-prices-profits-soar/… ]. The central problem is not so much of inflated ‘rip-off’ prices (e.g.…/n…/286c47457ff5ef97a0ca5e952c070507 ). Rather it is how the related dependency causes people to ignore the natural resilience of their own body and mind – and to then often embark on a downward and vicious cycle of deterioration in health as well as growing reliance on external ‘magic bullets’ and false hopes. A great example is today’s related report on how needless prescription of antibiotics is linked to the loss of effect and the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria. […/extreme-australian-gps-prescribing-… ]

Another related link to below was today’s report on NSW (and other Australian) hospitals where drug companies have become “a pervasive presence in everyday clinical practice and drug company promotion was endemic within the health system” (that is, directly influencing medical professionals and their organisations)…/royal-north-shore-hospital-tops-lis…. But much worse than this is how the article below confirms that the very research done to justify people taking drugs in the first place has become systemically compromised with many academics and their results effectively being paid off to show false or at least exaggerated results.…/pharmaceutical-industry-financial-t…

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